Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Snow Day, Part III

Had a great day at Sunshine, although the full moon made it's presence well known:

a) they overbooked the bus. Fortunately, I had a seat. Seriously though, don't kids now days have to attend school? From the conversations I overheard, they shouldn't be missing school days!

b) only 3 lifts were open. There was some sort of 'issue' and there were only 6 ski patrollers on the mountain today. It was OK for me, except I had to share my favourite runs with more people than I normally would. And I got a $20 off time's gonna be cheap!

c) literally saw the moon this morning (and tonight on the way home, too, but it was partially obscured by some clouds). It was HUGE and bright and beautiful. La lune!

d) hot chocolate and booze costs different amounts depending on where you buy it. In the main lodge on the first floor, bailey's and hot chocolate: $10.95. Yes, you read that right. It was delicious!! At the bottom of the gondola, hot chocolate and peppermint schnapps: $7.50. One for the road! Yum!! Definitely where I'll be stopping from now on.

I also discovered the importance of eating well on the hill. Yesterday we had greasy cafeteria food (cheeseburger, fries and gravy pour moi, chili cheese fries for Doug). We both crashed later. Today, I packed a good lunch: tuna salad on whole wheat, carrots and hummus, strawberries. No late afternoon sugar crash. This is good to know. I may have devoured a package of cheddar cheese pretzel pieces when I got home though. =P

But I have a HUGE Greek salad in the fridge to feed me for the week to come.

Now I must go soak my tired body. My quads were pretty angry with me today for the intense workouts two days in a row. But I had fun playing in the powder! Wheeeeee!