Sunday, October 17, 2010

Where did the week go?

Oh right, I was sick for most of it! I've got a full blown sinus infection now and the walk in clinic by my house was not accepting anymore patients yesterday when I stopped after work. So I need to get out of my jammies and head to a clinic for some antibiotics before work.

I had a brief nap (although I don't think I actually slept) after work, I headed out to the Rocky Mountain Food & Wine Festival. I made the same mistake I make every year: I wear girly shoes. They look hot, but after hours walking and standing on cement, I'm ready to amputate! Alas, we had a blast and didn't actually make it through the entire tasting hall! I think we got two thirds of the way around, but before we knew it they were announcing it was over. So we went to a near by (although it didn't seem so near in heels) bar/night club, Vicious Circle.

The bus I used to take to work went by this every day and I had never been inside! It was cool--there was one side that had the dance floor and the other had a pool table and tables where you could sit and talk. And there was some cool art, too.

On the weight loss front, I'm holding steady and I like it.

I'm saving my long run this week for tomorrow. I'll be running along the beach! Yep, I'm leaving on a jet plane. Kelowna, here I come! I'll be back on Friday night and I still haven't decided if my laptop is accompanying me or not. We'll see. But I really should go pack since I work till 10 tonight and my flight leaves bright and early in the morning!