Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Still Kickin!

Barely, though!

I didn't get much sleep on the weekend what with moving the old people. They are, however, settled in their new digs and ready to begin a new phase in their lives. They've *ahem* We've recreated their house on the farm in their new apartment. Every SINGLE wall has something hanging on it. And the one wall that didn't, well, my mom has instructions to bring a particular piece this weekend when she comes back!

Food was completely off the wall. We didn't eat for hours at a time and then when we did, there was NOTHING healthy about it. I also realized that I don't eat in chain restaurants. My family does. Good thing for booze!

Taught my free yoga class at Lulu last night-31 people crammed into a space better suited for 20! It was good though, and I'm happy with how it went.

Tonight is my yoga class, thank God. I need some serious time on the mat. Even if it's just in child's pose!

I got out for a couple of runs in my cool new shoes, but not for as long as I would have liked. Oh well, a short run is better than no run, right?

This weekend is going to be all about me! Lounging in my jammies, knitting, running, it's all on the list. Sunterra is cooking our turkey dinner this year, too. =)

Gotta run, veggie pita pizza is done!


Carol said...

Hey, Sunterra is cooking mine too!!!

Shirls said...

I love that your getting sunterra to cook turkey dinner, I've never thought of that, wonder if they do Christmas? I totally agree that any running is better than no running.