Sunday, October 10, 2010

Sunday night already?

What happened to Saturday?!

I had an absolutely AMAZING yoga class yesterday morning! This is the pose we were working towards:

Vishvamitrasana (photo from I didn't have my back leg straight and my hammies and shoulders weren't too happy about being that stretched out, but there was marked improvement from in Tuesday night's class!

After class I went for tea with two of my fellow teachers (after a catch up with our teacher in the alley!) and we caught up on the past few months. The time just flew by!

Came home and mom and I went out for the rest of the day to run errands for the old people. Had lunch at a Vietnamese place, went to IKEA, Wal-Mart, Superstore, back to Wal-Mart, dinner at Avocado and then out to my grandparents' to deliver some stuff. Whew!

Twelve hours after leaving my house yesterday morning, I returned! Nerm was a bit peckish, to say the least. =)

Didn't quite get my 23K in this morning--my right shin and knee and left foot started to hurt around 20K so I called mom and she came and picked me up. No sense hurting myself with Honolulu only 2 months away! Oh well, 20.91K is nothing to sneeze at, 'specially since my pace was great and until then, I felt great, too.

Stopped at the farmer's market, Sunterra--they cooked our turkey and ham this year ;-) --Running Room (had to buy a Stick) and the most important: Starbucks! Came home and vegged out on the patio enjoying the lovely summer weather we're finally having. BBQ'd some rib eyes and potatoes and swiss chard for dinner and there may be some pumpkin pie in my future!