Thursday, October 14, 2010

Insert Witty Title Here

Still sick today, but feeling much more human this evening. Could have been the afternoon nap on the couch cuddling with Nerm!

Had a good feed of noodles (Vietnam Fortune on Kensington Road & 14 St NW)to wish Carol well in the marathon on Sunday (carb loading for her, spicy noodle soup pour moi) for dinner and that seems to have done the trick.

What I've learned in the past two days of being sick on the couch:

1. It's the ONLY time I've regretted giving my tv away.

2. Nerm is getting much better at cuddling. She is also a couch hog.

3. My yoga practice changes considerably--no handstands or headstands for me this week! I could barely manage variations of sun salutations this morning. Sitting on my mat and breathing was much more my speed.

4. I did find some great Anusara classes online though!

5. My family (most of 'em anyway) are pretty amazing.

6. I'm really looking forward to next week in Kelowna! My mom and I are taking a reality break/birthday trip/wine tasting/yoga on the beach mini-vacay. We deserve it!

7. Drug induced sleep can either be (a) glorious or (b) weird. Last night was (b). Not so much fun, especially when boss phones 3.5 hours after I've called in sick and wakes me up. Hello, sick! Still sleeping at 0930. Leave me alone!

8. Hot water, lemon and honey from Northern Alberta makes my throat happy. Well, happier.