Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Not fair!

I started kindergarten with 12 other kids. We all attended the same school, from K-12. There was no starting a new school. We had the same teachers as our older siblings and some teachers taught some of our parents. Grant's mom taught grade 2! Heck, senior high meant moving across the hall and getting a full sized locker! Kids came and left, but when grade 12 rolled around, so were most of us.

And now, of the 13:
-I lost my dad to colon cancer three years ago.
-S. lost her dad (Lou Gehrig's) last summer.
-M.'s dad had a heart attack last September.
-And N. just lost her mom to breast cancer. I spent the afternoon with N. and her family and about 250 other people, celebrating a life that ended much too soon.

And get this. Of those four parents, only one was over 65. N.'s mom hadn't even made 60 yet.

So what's my point? I choose what I fuel my body with. I can fill it with crap and toxins and promote crazy cell growth. OR I can eat real food, that nourishes and fuels my body so that I can be healthy and strong and run and walk. I can be still and thankful and practice yoga. I can be mindful.

And I will cherish every day that I am here. 'Cause life's just too damned short not to.


Fatinah said...

what a good lesson to learn from so much loss. not easy.