Friday, September 18, 2009

Just gotta say:

1. The Ta Ta Tamer by Lululemon is a must-have for all women. The girls have never looked so good or moved so little in a sports bra!

2. Trainer Josh is NOT to send substitute teachers. Ever. Under any circumstance. We did the same freaking drill for 40 minutes. All of us lost interest. Completely. I especially enjoyed Camille's comment, "I teach grade one for F's sake. I schedule things in 20 minute blocks. I have ADD. This sucks." Well said, Camille. Well said.

3. Never go to the Farmer's Market on Friday. Apparently this is when the old people and the people with gi-normous baby strollers overrun the place. Traffic was insane. What's normally a ten minute drive took 35 minutes. And 20 of that was just getting out of the freaking parking lot! Oy. Good thing C. drove to boot camp! =P

4. I wasn't aware that the rules of the road had changed since I got my license 18 years ago. Now the person turning left has the right of way. And, when you're turning at a four way stop sign, you get to go first, even when the person who's going straight got there first. Who knew?!

5. I think I may be slightly sleep deprived (I've been up since 4 a.m. Don't ask. I just don't sleep).

6. Tribe Roasted Garlic Hummus is the best. I don't like that it's made south of the border (and on the other freaking side of the country to boot), but I do love that there's nothing artificial in it. It's all real. Spread on a Finn Crisp cracker it's divine. These are the crackers of my mother's people.

7. I'm boycotting family Turkey day. Instead, I'm cooking a turducken at my house. I hate having to travel 2 1/2 hours to my grandparent's house to eat my grandma's overcooked, dry bird and burned potatoes. Every year, she burns the potatoes. MORE WATER in the pot, woman! Besides, Thanksgiving is about the harvest and quite frankly, I've got quite a haul from my garden. I shared the kale love with some co-workers today who were ever so thankful. That's what Turkey Day is about. Not biting your tongue so you don't tell your cousin(s)/grandparent(s) what you REALLY think (about a lot of stuff). Yes, I know I have issues. I'm the first to admit it. =P

8. That's enough rambling/ranting/raving.


Fatinah said...

I have to get one of those bras!