Friday, July 8, 2011

Friday Yoga Class

Oh. My.

What fun we had this morning! I must admit, after getting home late, then waking up earlier than I would have liked, I almost didn't go to class this morning. But since I'm going to miss the next two weeks ('cause I'll be subbing for my friend, Sophie), I rolled out of bed and headed away from the craziness of downtown (the Stampede parade, complete with Wills and Kate, was this morning).

After a crazy intense warm-up, I started to get a little worried. I had hoped for a slower, less intense practice this morning. Hah! That's what I wanted, but that's not what I needed. What did I get? What I needed was a partnered practice that went:

Handstand --> Chataranga --> Rajakapotasana
We started in handstand, lowered ourselves down like in chataranga (our partner held our leg(s) while at the same time melting our hearts forward, bending our knees and backbending to the full expression once we were on the floor.

What's rajakapotasana, you ask? This is the variation we did:


So much fun! My feet weren't very close to my head, but there was so much heart opening (melting) and FUN! And empowering to know that I can do that. Followed by tea at S'bucks and great conversation.

What a day. My patio awaits!