Thursday, May 12, 2011

OMIGOD, I can cook!

I came home from work and whipped up an AMAZING meal: Indian Dal and Rice (from The Best of the Chef at Home Essential Recipes for Today's Kitchen by Michael Smith). I added all the extras he suggested: cumin seeds and chopped tomato. I didn't have basmati rice though, so substituted jasmine (it was just fine). I had to add more salt when serving, too. YUM! Go buy this cookbook! It also has the best cream of mushroom soup I have ever tasted.

Super easy, relatively quick, cheap and tasty, tasty, tasty. I have to say, since I broke up with the boy last summer, my consumption of Indian food has decreased greatly (it's the only thing I miss about him, really). This dish more than made up for it. It could just be the perfect dal recipe!

I had a crazy busy morning: left at 0830h and got home from yoga and race package pickup at 1252. Left for work at 1340h. I'm kind of tired, now that I think of it! Yoga was awesome, as usual.

On the mat today: adho mukha vrkshasana (handstand). And we practiced hugging in to the midline (even using a block between our thighs to feel inner spiral). I may not be able to move tomorrow! But fun, fun, fun! Lots to play with in my personal practice, that's for sure.

Must get some sleep now, which could be interesting, as they've been cleaning my street for at least the last 2.5 hours that I've been home. =)