Monday, May 23, 2011

May Long Weekend

AKA the start of summer in Canada!

Saturday was a glorious day: sunshine, good friends, good yoga and vino! Started the day on my local S'bucks rooftop patio with E. & C. Then I went to yoga--lots of twisting culminating in:

Parsva Bakasana (side crane)


After yoga, C. picked me up and we headed over to E.'s house for some champagne (Congrats on the 30 year one-night stand!), food and girl talk.

On Sunday I got up and went for a quick run, just my Stanley Park loop (4.1 km). It was really humid, but felt good. Then I met some WW online girls downtown at Cora's for breakfast! They make a pretty good hashbrown (which is how a breakfast place is judged, remember). Then home and off to work.

Today Nerm and I have had a very quiet, relaxing day. We're still in our jammies at 2130h and have done not much more than the occasional yoga pose, knitting and catching up on Coronation Street. There may also have been a cuddlefest/nap, but I can't be certain. I seem to have lost about an hour and a half though....

It's been raining all day so it was a perfect day to decompress. I'm also excited for the week of rainy weather for a number of reasons:

1. These boots:

2. The various shades of green that pop out at this time of year. There probably won't be lilacs (my favourite flower, in case anyone ever asks) for the Lilac Festival next weekend, but for sure by the first of June! I'm excited for the first weekend of June because guess who's coming to town? This man: Noah Maze. And since my Barbados trip in November has been cancelled, I think I might take Immersion I with Noah in February...I'll check the vacation schedule tomorrow when I go to work!

3. To put out the wildfires in Alberta.

4. Knitting! I've made good progress today. And I got word from my friends in Oz that IT'S A GIRL!! Congrats to S. & D.! Now I'll need to find a quick baby project to whip up and send.

5. More cuddle time with Nerm. 'Cause there's nothing else like it. =)