Sunday, May 29, 2011

Guess what I did yesterday?

Friday's class was also backbends so I've been a backbending goddess this weekend! My back body is feeling it, too.

Friday afternoon we took birthday cake to my Grandma's and celebrated 83 years. Afterwards, mom and I met up with my cousin and her hubby for an impromptu photo shoot (all those people on the street are wondering who I am) and a yummy Thai dinner at The King & I.

Saturday morning brought a quick grocery trip, another yoga class (see photo above) and then a potluck with Julie.

This morning dawned bright and early and I headed out to cheer on my friends running the Calgary Marathon (Carol) and Half Marathon (April and Kari). Good thing I went a little early or I would have missed April and Kari completely!

The rest of my day is going to be great: Farmer's Market (both of 'em), a visit to Grandma's and then a BBQ on my patio! There may even be some knitting thrown in for good luck.

Mouse is running in Ottawa this morning and I've been sending her speedy vibes! Go, Mouse, go!!

What's my next running goal: H-woman is now Registered
for Niagara Falls International Marathon.

Eeeek! Let the training begin...


Anonymous said...

What a lovely weekend!!!

Happy training!

marie said...

Thanks. xo