Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Tuesday Random Thoughts

* Sad for my SIL's family. Papa Rude passed away last night. I'm sure he's in a much happier place, with Gramma Ruby, and without pain.

* Boot camp ROCKS! Josh sang for us a little ditty while we were trembling, I mean holding, plank. It went something along the lines of "Plankity plank plank. McPlank. Plankity plank plank." Maybe you had to be there.

* I've been journalling online (WW) all week. Figured I might as well use the friggin' tools I'm paying for! So far, so good.

* Nerm and I went out on the patio tonight. I bought her a fabulous emerald green harness (to match her eyes) and leash so that she could enjoy the fabulousness that is my deck. I'm not so sure how she's feeling about it. I'm sure she'll let me know!

* Coconut cream pie Lara bars available in Calgary at MEC. $2 each. I know I've seen the bars in other places (Superstore and Community ring a bell) but I'm not sure about the flavors. I've got the apple pie one to try, too.

* I must catch up on Coronation Street. I feel like I've lost my bestest buddies! So for the next hour, I will be unavailable. I'm off to Weatherfield.

H =)


Amber (Girl with the red hair) said...

1. Sorry to hear about your Papa Rude passing away. Those things are never easy.

2. I started doing WW!!! I've been doing it for almost a week now. Not sure how I feel about it yet since i'm SO used to counting calories.. I go over my points (24) pretty much every day, but I do have my extra weekly points and activity points I suppose. Is it OK for me to go over my points or is that going to end up being totally counterproductive if I do that all the time. I've been hitting around 30 pts a day.

3. Webster has a harness and a leash for when he goes out on the patio. The couple times I've actually let him full-on loose I ended up chasing him ALL the way around the apartment building when he took off after a bird. Now, when he has his harness on, he spends the majority of his time trying to wrestle his way out of the harness rather than enjoying his time outside!

4. I'm going to Superstore on a hunt for more larabars!

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry to hear about Papa Rude. *hugs*

I NEED to join a boot camp class somewhere, everyone seems to enjoy them.

Yah for tracking, I was the same way - paying for it and then I would stop using it. Good luck!

Angie All The Way said...

*hugs* :-(

Tracking = key and I'm back on it too ;-)

Carol said...

So sad for your SIL and everyone.

And thanks for the plankity-plank I can't get it out of my head. It's very difficult to hold plank while laughing.