Friday, June 12, 2009

Am I over-reacting?

Good morning!

I don't work till 8 (a much more civilized hour, IMHO) so I've got a little time to enjoy the morning sun.

Feeling much more human. More than a little irked with my micro-manager boss, though. Get this: when we're sick, we have to call the lab (where we start as early as 6) AND call the MANAGER. Even though there are Tech IIB's, a tech III, and an assistant manager in between me and him, we need to call him. BUT, not before 6! WTF? And, he never actually answers his phone, so all you do is leave a voice mail.

OK, so day one of sick, I knew I was sick on Monday night, so I set my alarm for 6 to call. On Wednesday, I got up hoping I'd be well enough to go in. Nope. So I took a Nyquil, which proceeded to knock me out. Before I lost consciousness (around 5:30) I sent boss text: Still sick. Have called lab. H.
Then I crawled back into bed and fell into drug induced slumber. He sends me a text back: In the future, please call me. S.
But you said you don't want phone calls until 6! Arrrrgh! So now I get to go in this morning and tell him that he needs to make up his mind: do you want me to call you or not? If you do, you need to accept calls before six. Simple, really. Sheesh. Or, here's a thought, treat us like adults and quite freaking micro-managing to compensate for your poor managerial skills. But I can't say that, can I? =P

Am I completely off my rocker here or is he? What do you think? Don't you just love micro-managers?!

H =)


Julie said...

I work for a Micro-manager boss too... I feel for you. Thank god though that he doesn't require that kind of crazy-ness when you are sick.

Mine simply sends out a report of the tasks he "assigned" to us and asks for updates on each project, each step of the way. It's a little excessive since several steps can happen within a day and he will follow up if we "skip a step". Oy.

Amber (Girl with the red hair) said...

That's RIDICULOUS! When you're sick you should be RESTING not setting your alarm to wake you up at exactly SIX to call your silly manager. I think you should kindly and professionally point out to him that his system is F-ING STUPID! Haha!!

Hope you feel better soon!!!