Wednesday, June 24, 2009


How'd it get to be Wednesday already? So, what have I been up to?

- Emptied my hall closet
- Prepared to paint said closet
- Discovered a flood in the basement that resulted in replacing both hot water tanks
- Went to Boot camp, only to discover C. & I were the only ones there (apparently the chick in HR who organizes boot camp sent an email out saying it was cancelled (trainer Josh had to cover for another trainer who had a death in the family). Funny thing is, I'm part time--I don't work every day so since I was off, didn't get said email. She also thought that I'd tell C. Which I would've if I would've known!! Grrr.
- Went for dinner with my peeps, S & L and my mom
- Painted hall closet

- Went to Ikea for baskets (above the kitchen cupboards and in the hall closet--I'll take pictures, I promise)
- Went to Costco and spent a LOT of money on meat (I love to BBQ) and fruit and veg. It pained me to buy imported stuff, but I didn't buy anything that was processed. I spent almost $400 and only 97 cents was GST.
- went to Superstore to get the few things I couldn't get at Costco. They reorganized the store. What should've been less than 20 minutes turned into an hour because I couldn't find anything. Then they were out of half of what I needed! Grrr.
- Boot camp. Kicked my butt. Many squats and lunges.
- Checked out Planet organic and the much talked about Cosmic cookie. OMIGOD. Love them!
- Had yummy dinner from clean eating magazine: turkey meatloaf with cauliflower/turnip mash.
- Restocked hall closet (who knew there was so much room in there?
- burned cd collection so that I call get rid of huge boxes at mom's garage sale

- still burning cd's--the end is near, though
- signed up for Amy's 15 week challenge!!
- hair appointment (many sparkly bits)
- work
- bed!