Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Earth Day

Mother Nature is in a foul mood. It's April 22, for Pete's sake (who is Pete, BTW?)! Snow? You've got to be kidding. But no, it's true. Le sigh (see, I even made it to French class tonight). I. Am. So. Sick. Of. Winter.

Had a great night last night. Put in an hour and a half of over time (cha ching--or in this case banked so that I get more time off) and then had a quick nap. S. and I played a round of mini golf. We stopped keeping score after the second hole--it wasn't pretty. We declared it a tie game in the end! Went out for Vietnamese for dinner-tres yummy.

Heading to Canmore this weekend for some R 'n R. C is running in the Rocky Mountain Soap Company's Women's Run. I didn't get my registration in on time, so I'm volunteering at the aromatherapy wellness station (whatever the heck that is). S. is (hopefully) coming out on Saturday night to join us at the big condo we will call home for three days/two nights.

Don't know much else. Except je suis tres fatiguee. I had an hour and a half nap this afternoon and I can't tell. Two more days. Two more days....


Vanessa said...

Winter just loves outstaying its welcome welcome in this country. Grrr!

Fatinah said...

my friends are all going to Canmore for the run this weekend - I was supposed to, but husband went on a golf I'm on daughter duty!

Enjoy the weekend in the condo!!