Saturday, April 18, 2009

Good thing my head's attached

Or else I might leave it at home, too! Egad, what a day! Walked down to MEC to check things out and wore my Garmin to track things. Took it off while C and I had lunch (fab new restaurant that I will definitely go back to--The Holy Grill). Realized when S. and I arrived at park that Garmin was not in either my purse or bag. Small moment of panic. Phone C--did I leave it in your car? Nope. She swung by the restaurant but it was closed. SHOOOT! So, there goes $300, I'm thinking. Oh well, c'est la vie.

Then S. and I head down to his new hood to check it out (it was a gorgeous day to be outside). Stopped at the little coffee shop along the river (Angel's) and had a cup of chai. Sat and drank and read the paper, then strolled through the park. Got all the way through the park before I realized that I had left my purse in Angel's. Holy Moly Batman, you can't be serious! Thankfully, it was still there when we got there (S. got to see me walking at race pace and had a hard time keeping up, hehehehe). But then really, who would steal something in a place called Angel's?

Got home and had an A-ha! moment. I took my MEC purchases out of my bag before I met it possible?....Yes, yes it is! I found the Garmin! It was rolled up with the new t-shirt I bought. WHEW! I guess I have no excuse not to run tomorrow, do I?

Happy weekend!