Monday, April 13, 2009

Non-titled post

I can't think of anything witty so today is just going to be a blank.

I have an incredibly exciting day planned: cleaning the house and doing my taxes. For added excitement, I may just throw in a load of laundry! Thank God we're going for noodles tonight or I might be incredibly cranky in about 3.5 hours. I think I have all the paperwork in one place (which is half the battle, right?) and should just have to enter it into Quicktax. I usually send my stuff to an accountant but I left it to the last minute and would feel bad calling her now to ask her to do them for me. I just get so cranky when I see how much money I made, then see how much I paid the government and then see our health care, education and infrastructure go to shit.

I also have some stuff to do for my family reunion (mostly addressing the invites and getting them in the mail). I also want to go for a run/walk and make something for lunches this week. Start time is 0600h for the next two weeks, so I need stuff ready made that can just be thrown into the lunch box as I'm flying out the door. I'm thinking a hearty lentil soup with lotsa spinach, chicken and a spud or two. Add a squeeze of lemon and it's perfect.

So I guess I should get started. Maybe breakfast and a cuppa chai first, though!