Sunday, April 5, 2009

Busy, busy, busy!

I'm wiped from the weekend!

Here's the recap:

- awakened early by downstairs neighbour, no nap
- farmer's market with the rest of the city (I hate crowds)
- 4.6K walk in girly shoes (not my best idea, but darn I looked good)
- dinner and house party

- kept awake by downstairs neighbour
- awakened early by same neighbour (Grrrrr!)
- run (not good--race on my regular route and it wasn't marked, so I had no idea where to run where I wouldn't be in the way. Add to that my superior lack of training and I'm amazed I lasted as long as I did!)
- Garden show with G. Again, another crowd, but we did enjoy a few sunbeams. Also a quick stop at Community Natural Foods.
- costco run with C. Have I mentioned how much I love crowds?? But I did stock up on Tazo chai concentrate which means I can kick my S'bucks habit and save some $$ everyday. Also got a big jar of Almond butter for a fraction of the price I paid at Superstore! Score one for H!
- Dinner with other C. Yummy chicken/veg curry, daal, naan and basmati. A Pom spritzer with mint and lime to finish it off.

- pick up rental car
- go get mail that's been held while the sidewalk wasn't being cleaned
- drive 1.5 hours north to visit high school friend in hospital
- drive 1.5 hours home for last French class (that will involve vine and cheese)

So much for a day off to relax, but what else is a friend to do? I must go and relax now--I picked up a new meditation cd today, so we'll test that out. Peace out.

H =)


Amber said...

Sounds like a busy weekend!

I made the mistake of going for a long walk in cute, girly shoes on Friday. Unfortunately, they rubbed my heel raw so when I went to do my 11-mile training run on Saturday morning I could only squeeze in 9 miles due to the damn blisters!!! Stupid girly shoes. You're right, I looked damn good though :-)

Have a good day off tomorrow!

H-woman said...

And blisters on top of blisters are never a good thing! I didn't get too far on my run this morning, either!

H =)