Tuesday, February 24, 2009

A post on returns

....the return of winter. Blah.


....the return of moi! Sorry I've been busy and tired when I get home. Tonight is no different. Had a great evening with a girl I used to work with. Got caught up on all the gossip (demotion of manager, jail time of former colleague, critical incident deets...all kinds of good stuff) and had a fabulous dinner at Earls.

I went to get my bloodwork done this morning so that my doc and I can chat on Friday when I go for my physical, but after waiting 15 minutes and only one person had their requisition entered, I left. Apparently I need to give myself more than half an hour. They can have two hours tomorrow morning and lemme tell ya, if it takes longer than that, heads will roll! For five cents, gimme the butterfly needle, tourniquet and tubes, I can take my own blood (just so you know, I'm not a druggie, I am a licensed medical laboratory technologist, trained and skilled to do such things). I was hungry, darn it!

Got in a little over time again today (cha-ching!) but now I'm ready for bed. I'll check in with y'all later!
H =)


Amber said...

I hate waiting at the doctor's, it seems to be getting worse and worse!