Friday, February 6, 2009

Happy Friday!

It's a fabulous day--I got to sleep in (I love days off), Nerm and I are enjoying a quiet morning listening to some tunes (Colbie Caillat) in front of the fire, and I'm getting my sheep dog bangs trimmed! I may even watch the last bits of last week's Corrie (I tape the marathon on Sundays so that I can fast forward through the commercials and I didn't get to watch the whole thing on Sunday since I got called in to work). I also see a chai latte in there somewhere!

WI this week was a little disappointing: +0.2

This morning those two ounces are gone though, so I am anticipating another loss this week. I've also switched back to All Bran original (the sticks) instead of Fibre One. I'm sure that will also make a difference (sorry, probably TMI).

Hmmm....what else is new? I've got curtains up on all of my windows, but I need a handy guy to help me install a few things: new brackets/rods for new curtains and a microwave over the stove. Apparently I need to add to my list of desirable traits in a potential partner: able to competently operate power tools! I'm also waiting for an island and microwave stand (for my toaster oven b/c the microwave is going over the stove) from Sears. The island comes on the 17th and the stand on the 26th. I should be able to put those together myself, though. Pre-drilled holes I'm good with--it's the drilling part I need help with.

That said, I've asked my aunt and uncle to come down next weekend (it's Family day in Alberta, so we get a long weekend, plus I get a HUGE stretch of time off--6 days--so why wouldn't they like to spend it with their favourite niece?) and my uncle Craig is a pretty handy guy. Times like this I really miss my dad--while carpentry-type projects weren't his forte, he could've done this stuff no prob. =(

Alas, c'est la vie. Did I mention I've also got some French homework to do? I see that happening with the chai in a cafe somewhere...

Off to check up on my peeps...Happy Friday!
H =)


Amber said...

I'm glad to hear you're settling in! You should most definitely post some pics of your new place :-)

Men these days just aren't as handy as they once were. I still get my dad and grandpa to do most of my fix-it things, my boyfriend is basically useless in that area... He did fix the toilet though!

Ashleigh said...

haha the ounces kill me!

i wonder if it would make a difference if we pee before we weigh in??? lol