Saturday, February 7, 2009

Early Saturday post

Good morning!

I've got to work at 7, so I'm up and at 'em early today. I had a FABULOUS day off yesterday!

I did what I wanted to do, talked to no one (save the incredibly slow and incompetent bank teller and my hairdresser extraordinaire, Jody) and just hung out.

I've currently got my go-to brekkie on the go:
1/2c All Bran
1/2c Activia vanilla
3/4 - 1c (I don't measure fruit & veg in their naked form) fruit salad (strawberries, raspberries, peaches, crushed pineapple and blueberries)
1 mug tea (Earl Grey Lavender) w/ 1 tsp honey and 1% moo

I bought a grapefruit to try--everyone is saying how they're perfect right now, so I'll take that for my break. Lunch will be leftovers from dinner:
homemade meatloaf (beef/moose mixture, mushrooms, carrot, zucchini) & BBQ sauce (cattleboyz--a Calgary company)
1 c mashed spuds


That's all I know at 0555h on a Saturday! Have a great day,
H =)


Amber said...

Have a great day at work! Sounds like your super cheery lately, must be the fabulous new place?!

Grapefruit are amazing, I should buy some this weekend too!

Cowgirl Warrior said...

I don't know what I'm more jealous of the fireplace or the claw foot tub. I understand why you adore this place.

You reminded me to put grapefruit on the shopping list.