Monday, February 23, 2009

Lazy day off

I love days off! Nerm and I got to sleep until we wanted to and there was no alarm clock involved. Unfortunately, Nerm thought she was dying of hunger and insisted that I remedy the situation immediately. For such a tiny thing, she can be pretty persuasive!

Did a little yoga with Rodney Yee and then had some yummy oatmeal (oats, almond breeze vanilla a la Angie, almond butter, honey and Lindt chocolate). Sipped some chai and finished my French homework for tonight and did a post-hire survey for work.

And now the day stretches ahead....


Amber said...

Sounds fabulous. Do you do most of your yoga from video's at home? Any DVDs you'd recommend?

H-woman said...

I usually practice at home. Depending on my mood, I'll use a dvd (I love Yoga for Stress Relief with Barbara Benaugh and Namaste with Kate Potter) or just do my own thing. I've gotten to a point in my practice that my body tells me what it needs. Sometimes it's lots of hip openers, other days, forward folds or back bends. Some days just child's pose or savasana.

H =)