Friday, September 2, 2011

Oh Friday, How I Love Thee!

I've worked some crazy overtime in the past two days. Good news is that my overtime bank is now full (for extra days off later this fall) and even though I have to get the rest paid out, it will just about pay for one of my Anusara Immersions! If the tax man doesn't take it all, that is.

I didn't get to bed till 3 last night, but I set an alarm for 7:30...can't miss my Friday yoga class (followed by coffee and chit-chat)! I woke up feeling really great at 7, so I got up and am just starting to feel the lack of sleep now.

Today's class was great--we worked on shoulder and skull loop and tried some neat things with headstand and forearm balance (ooh, my shoulders are tight!!). I'm stoked about the workshop next weekend with Desiree and am loving my practice lately. Immersing myself in yoga studies, asana practice and kula (community) has enriched my life in so many ways that I have a difficult time articulating it. All I know for sure is that the path I'm on is true and I treasure each moment along the way.

When I got home this afternoon (yes, class is from 9:30-11 but I didn't get home till 2), I made plans to hike with C. and some of her peeps tomorrow. This meant I had to plan a "summit sammie". Now, I realize that we're hiking to a lake (Rawson), not climbing a peak, but still. I hike better when I know there's good food at the end! Enter the muffaletta! It's HUGE, but is going to be oh, so good! There's the olive spread (with fresh oregano from my patio), ham and capicola (spicy!), provolone & mozza, roasted red, orange & yellow peppers, and roasted zuke & aubergine (sounds so much better than eggplant, dontchya think?). I hollowed out a loaf of sourdough (my Safeway didn't have any other crusty, round loaves) and loaded 'er up! It's now squishing (that's a technical term, by the way) in the fridge.

I had some leftover veggies and remembered the tasty salad I made for Julie's potluck in the spring. Of course, I had no green onions or cilantro, so I had to go back to Safeway. The end product was definitely worth it, though!

Black bean vinagrette + roasted veg + black beans = Deliciousness!

Now, I must finish this cup of herbal tea (cranberry apple zinger, if you're wondering) and get to bed. It's gonna be an early morning!