Monday, April 4, 2011

Under the Weather

And the weather is finally gorgeous!! I haven't been sleeping well, even with the drugs the doctor prescribed. I woke up this morning just feeling BLAH, for lack of a better word. It didn't get much better...

I had a dentist appointment this afternoon and was convinced that the fresh air and sunshine would take away the blah. Not a chance. And really, with all of the advances in modern medicine, why can't dentistry keep up? Yes, if you continually poke and prod my gums with sharp, pointy metal things, they will bleed! Although not so badly today. My former dentists got praise--apparently all my old fillings are holding up well (half are about 20 years old and the rest 10). Unfortunately, there's a new little one. But I can't complain--I've been seeing this dentist since I moved to Calgary and this is the first work I've needed to have done (we've been watching this tooth for the past two years). And now the time for watching is over and drilling must commence.

After the dentist I came home and tried to have a nap before yoga. Woke up and felt like I'd been slammed by a truck. Body aches and pains, yoga for me.


A long soak in the tub with a cup of tea (fruity, no caffeine for this girl at this late hour!) and I feel somewhat human again. I'm going to shut down the computer, have another cup of tea, curl up with Nerm and a book and call it a day. Tomorrow I'm off for an appointment with a health study I've joined. Should be interesting!


Anonymous said...

Blah to feeling blah...hope you woke up feeling better today.