Saturday, April 16, 2011

Jell-o Legs

That's what two days of skiing will getchya. Yesterday's weather was fan-freaking-tastic: sun, occasional flurries, did I mention sun, and no wind up on Goat's Eye.

I practiced some of the black runs I did last weekend and *gasp* even tried a few new ones! Had a small heart attack at lunch when I purchased a small bowl of chili (that comes with a teeny tiny bun) and a bottle of orange juice (I've been fighting a sore throat for days). You want HOW much? Yep, ten bucks. I stopped at Safeway last night and threw together a vat of my own chili while doing laundry for today.

Into the pot:
-an onion
-3 cloves garlic
-pound of lean ground turkey
-1 red, yellow and orange pepper
-1 zuke
-loads of 'shrooms
-can of kernel corn, drained and rinsed
-can of kidney beans, drained and rinsed
-can of lentils, drained and rinsed
-2 x 28oz cans of whole tomatoes (I rough chopped 'em up)
-package of chili seasoning for the crock pot (I'm out of chili spices and waiting for my Epicure order!)

Hey, for six bucks, I'll share some with you, and lemme tell ya, it's better than what you get on the hill!

Today I met up with my new skiing buddy, who's SEVENTY and we tackled the steeps and baby bumps. Too much fun! I know my skills are improving when I'm thinking that Delirium Dive (a double black run that requires avalanche gear to enter) might be possible (not this year, but sometime). The very fact that I'm not freaked out by this:

anymore is HUGE! The greatest part about skiing with Dan is that I know he won't take me somewhere out of my league. He'll push me, yes, but he is also contractually obligated to keep me alive and unhurt! =)

We were planning a few runs that we'll have to do when he's out of uniform--he's not allowed to take me on just anything!

Alas, my chili gave me great staying power (had to eat it cold because the microwaves in the lodge SUCK. One was broken and the other was being used by people trying to heat food from frozen. It took too long) to get through the day! Oh, and did I mention that I realized on the gondola that I forgot my mitts at home? Yep. So there went my plan of staying down on Goat's Eye & Wolverine all morning. Had to go to the top to buy a new pair. And apparently all women have small hands. Nary a mitten in my size to be found. So I walked out with some fabulous snazzy Burton gloves.

All in all, a good couple days of skiing. And there's supposed to be more snow tomorrow!


Carol said...

I know you're loving all this skiing stuff but could you please stop wishing for all the snow?!?! It's making running a tad annoying these days!
Oh, and I'm unpacking your Epicure order even as I type...okay, I'm technically typing instead of unpacking, but you'll get the order when I drop it off after the Half. If you're at work, I'll just leave it in your sunroom. Or should that be snowroom??