Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Utterly Knackered!

But still much to do!

So far tonight I have:

- talked with my mom at length. My grandparents have finally agreed to start looking at homes off the farm! They're in relatively good health, but Grandpa's blind and hasn't learned many life/coping skills since losing his sight. He's scared to be at home alone, which leaves Grandma feeling trapped. This is good--we've seen how lonely they've become as their circle of friends has gotten smaller and they don't leave home so much.

- got groceries. There is currently a big vat of veggie s'ghetti sauce simmering. And I'm sipping the lovely vino that I added to the sauce. It's homemade (gasp!). And good (double gasp!)! I won it during Med Lab Week at work for knowing some obscure science fact.

- baked a Guinness chocolate cake. Oh yeah. Waiting for it to cool before I frost it. It's awesome. It's for my yoga teacher, Nora, who's turns 50 today! But I didn't get to see her today, so I'm taking it to our graduation party tomorrow.

- unloaded and reloaded the dishwasher. How does one person use so many dishes?! I unloaded S's dishwasher on Sunday morning and wonder what the man eats in my absence.

- I need to do my physio exercises. But this wine is really good!

- I also need to get my ass outside for a run. Did I mention how good this wine is?

- I have stacks of laundry that are calling my name. Even wine can't make me like laundry.

- I need to have an early night. I didn't get to bed till after midnight last night, slept like crap and the alarm went at 0530h. I'm sleepy. The wine helps. =)


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Hee hee.... Carol beat me to it...
Mmmmmmmm... wine!!!