Monday, June 14, 2010

Monday Madness

Good morning! I have to get out for a run before the sun disappears and the rain comes back! I'm just waiting for my Garmin to finish recharging (guess who forgot to plug it in until this morning? Darned Nermal....).

Apres run, I'm hopping on a bus to meet my mom and grandparents in Red Deer to check out places there. This isn't exactly how I had planned to spend my vacation.

The weekend was fabulous! Lots of yoga, some biking (my ass hurts), some patio time and sunshine. Thank goodness for sunscreen! This green eyed, pale, pasty girl and sunshine aren't friends without it!

Fabulous news: five of my yoga teacher friends and I are starting a karma yoga class! We're meeting with our teacher/mentor/hero/financial backer tomorrow evening to work out the final details. In a nutshell, we'll alternate teaching, so we all get to practice, plus a great way to keep in touch and cheap yoga classes! It's win-win. When it's all for sure, I'll letchya know the deets.

And now I'd better get some runners on, the clouds are rolling in!


Linda said...

I'm tired reading about your vacation. :)

Linda said...

I just reread my comment and realized it didn't sound right and of course can't figure out how to delete it! :S

I didn't mean I'm tired of hearing about your vacation but that you're way tooo busy for a