Monday, May 25, 2015


I've lost count of what day I'm on. But the biking continues:
Thursday was 11km on trails in Nose Hill. Loads of fun on some new trails in the trees.

Friday root canal. Third time on the same tooth. Ouch. Then a two and a half hour long meeting with the builders. There *may* be progress. Followed by an another 11km on the trails in Nose Hill with AF. Loads of fun. Even the big ass hill at the end.

Saturday: up bright and early to head to banff with AF & D. Tunnel mountain rocked! There was evidence of bears but we didn't see any up close or personal, which I'm quite all right with. I did my first log, tried the skinny on Star Wars (and then promptly bailed) and practiced riding some berms. So. Much. Fun!!

Sunday: my tooth is hurting more and more. Time to combine Advil and Tylenol. And go for a ride. CD and I headed to to ride the Legacy a Trail from Canmore to Banff. Just under 40km for the day. Loads of fun, but my mouth hurt more and more as the day went on.

No sleep. Nary a wink. Call dentist. $85 in steroids, pain killers and antibiotics later, I sure hope the pain goes away soon! And sleep. Sleep will be good, too.