Friday, November 5, 2010


Wowsa! What a week! Too many 6 am shifts for this early bird. I worked evenings tonight though which meant I got to sleep in (well, if you call sleeping till 0630h sleeping in).

I did realize though, that I am booked every weekend from now until the second weekend of 2011. And every weekend in March, the month all about me!

This weekend:
-Farmer's Market for baby carrots from Beck's at Innisfail Growers & Honey crisp apples
-Perhaps a coffee with the girls (still not sure on that one)
-Head to Banff for Winterstart 5 miler
-21K Sunday morning
-NAP Sunday afternoon

Guess I should go to bed since I'll be so busy!

Oh, and great yoga news! I met with the Recreational Therapist in charge of the Eating Disorders Program that runs at 2 hospitals in the city (one for kids, one for adults). I'm going to be teaching yoga on Monday nights!! I'm really excited about it. Yoga has transformed/saved/changed my life so I hope that I'll be able to share my passion with these patients. We're waiting (since Oct. 4, but who's counting) for a criminal records check to come back and occupational health to determine if I really have had a measles shot (hello, MMR in Grade 9?) and the chicken pox (yep, 1980--grade one. I remember it quite vividly!). Once they clear me, we're good to go!



Anonymous said...

Congrats on the new yoga gig!! :)

Tricia said...

have a great weekend!