Monday, April 12, 2010

Nothing to Report

Nothing exciting, anyways!

Friday was BIG mooshkala at work. B.I.G. Should be interesting to watch the fall-out. Kind of like a car know you shouldn't look, but somehow just can't help it.

Went to help M. move only to discover all of her people had bailed. Frantic, desperate phone call to S. who I eventually convinced to change out of his jammies and come to my rescue. Wow. Twice in two days he rescued me (Thursday was crazy snow storm). My knight does not ride a white steed, however, but drives a silver sports car. Hmpf. Who am I to complain?

Woke up Saturday morning to muscles screaming at me for working them in ways they had forgotten. Oh, did I mention M. lived on the fourth floor of a four storey walk up with no elevator? Yeeeeeaaaaaaah.

Work on Saturday was relatively uneventful, although I doubt that anything will ever top Friday. Yep. It was THAT bad.

And then we planted our asses on S's couch, only to leave for sustenance. Saturday we found a great Thai place. We'll definitely be going back (in fact we almost went back last night, too!) since S wants to try a 3-chili dish (I want him to try the Crying Tiger) while I'm quite content with the 1 & 2 chili dishes we had!

Firmly entrenched on the comfy couch, we watched Season 2 of Dexter and some weird UK show that S ordered from Amazon. And no, it's NOT Coronation Street! Which reminds me, I'm waaaaaay behind and should do something about that. We tried out a new Indian place last night and man, did we score! We were the only people in the place and had amazing pakoras, lamb bhoona, a spicy channa dish, naan, galub jamon and kheer. OMIGOD, it was good. And the chai rocked, too.

I'm waiting to hear if there's room in a yoga workshop in Sherwood Park next weekend. A little peeved, since I've attended for the last two years and because I can only attend Saturday and not the whole weekend, I now have to wait till Thursday to find out if there's room. Good thing I know the teacher and put a bug in her ear...;-)....pretty sure there's gonna be room for me!

I'm working evening shift for the rest of the week and while that would normally drive me nuts, I've come to the realization that it's great while I'm doing my training. Did I mention that I'm over half done?! YIKES! In less than two months, I'm gonna be a yoga teacher! Although everyone was having a tough time tonight--nobody seemed to be able to get the right words out at the right time.

And that's the latest and greatest in my world. Oh, it's also snowing. Did I mention I'm ready for winter to be over? No? Well, I am.

The End.


Amber (Girl with the red hair) said...

I'm SO excited for you to be a yoga teacher. I am going to drive to Calgary just to take your class ;)

Natalie said...

Snow? That's horrible! My condoloences.