Monday, April 5, 2010

Monday (again)

So I walked to and from yoga. Garmin says:
9.78 km
690 calories

It's the first time in a long time there's both a foot and turtle sticker on my calendar! And I had a lovely picnic in the park, sitting in a sunbeam.

Yoga was good--an hour long class of spine strengthening. The teacher was a friend I haven't seen in a long time and one of the girls from my training was also there! Now I just have to fill out the evaluation for training and my homework is complete.

I just started my second AeroGarden garden. Tundramunkie asked a few questions and here are my best guesses:

How do you like your aerogarden? So far, I love it!! My first garden wasn't super successful, though. Only the basil produced, but holy mother, did it ever produce! It definitely made up for the fact that the chives and thyme did little more than sprout.

I know you have to buy replacement pods, etc. How much does it cost for each new round of growing stuff? I can't really answer this one! S. bought me the whole kit and kaboodle for Christmas, including the kit that I just planted. Canadian Tire sells new kits for $19.99. Considering I planted the first garden on Boxing Day and have been eating basil since January, I don't think that's a bad deal. Looks like you can get it cheaper on the AeroGarden website. You can mix and match stuff to create exactly what you want.

Hope that helps!

Ran into the totally random-crazy chick in my hood again today--not just once, but TWICE! She waits until you've almost passed her and then starts yelling about how small minded Albertans are, how un-Canadian we are and once she accused me of being a Nazi. Oy vey! Seriously, if it's so terrible living here, just leave. And shut the f*&k up while you're at it! Oh, and apparently SHE has dedicated her life to ensuring the freedom and liberation of Canadians, unlike some of us (narrows eyes and looks at me). But wait! You freely admit that you don't know me, yet you presume to know so much about my life and career? How exactly does that work?! Wowsers.

Off to sort through the mountain of laundry that awaits...I should also make something for lunch this week!


Lex said...

I've ben SO curious about the Aerogarden! It'd be nice to have since I live in an apartment!

WOW, what a TOTAL crazy BIOTCH!?! Some people are seriously insane!!