Friday, May 29, 2009

Fly By Post

OK--quick trip home on Wed/Thurs, worked last night, crazy errands this morning and fly out first thing tomorrow morning for Grande Prairie. Then we get to drive for an hour and a half to the farm, where I am going to be put to work. Oh joy!

So, here's some random thoughts:
-UPS SUCKS. Plain and simple. But I did get my shoes, so maybe I should stop complaining

-The old lady in charge of the community garden needs to get a life. I'm all for snarky emails, but only after a reasonable attempt at civility has been attempted.

-I'm tired and cranky. My doc and I are hoping (fingers crossed) it's my thyroid. It would also explain the weight gain.

-My dear friend, C. (that I went to uni with, not my current running buddy) just found out that her dad has colon cancer. In addition to COPD. Eat your fibre, my friends! And if someone you love is 50 years plus, send them for a colonoscopy STAT! 90% curable when found early. I hate that I've had to add 5 more names to my t-shirt for the Underwear Affair this year. FIVE.

This was last year's shirt:

Click on the link above if you want to donate to my campaign. I'll add names to my shirt and run for those you've lost, too.


Lynn said...

I LOVE that shirt idea!

And the shoes are hot :)