Monday, May 18, 2009

Back in the saddle

And oh my God, does my ass hurt! I can tell I haven't ridden a bike in two years (hangs head in shame) but it felt really good to get out there. We rode from my house through Sandy Beach (read: hill #1), then through North Glenmore Park and down into Weaselhead. Of course, that meant that eventually, we had to come back up (big-ass hill #2). We circled around the reservoir and through Heritage Park. The remaining hills are little, but by that time my legs were Jell-o. Who am I kidding?! They were Jell-o after Sandy Beach! Back to mine for a love-r-ly 28K and a rest on my fabulous new patio furniture. S. brought some Sun-Rype fruit bars for the trip--why have I never had these before?! I must also remember to take more water or my camelbak next time.

Then we went to see Angels & Demons. Not sure what to think. It was gory--there were more than a few times I had to cover my eyes and ask if it was ok to look. A few bits were completely unbelievable--but I guess that's why they're called movies and not reality tv!

There was talk of hitting the indoor driving range this afternoon, but it will depend on how sore S. is--he did his first run of the season on Saturday and is still recovering from that. Does the term 'weekend warrior' ring a bell?! Ahem. Anyhoo....if we don't go to the range, I'm sure there will be some serious vegging on the couch.

On the weightloss front, it's slow and steady. I've been faithfully writing down everything since April 30. I'm not recording points or calories, just writing it down is keeping me accountable enough for now. And now my chai awaits, as does last weeks' episodes of Corrie.

Hope you've had a fabulous long weekend, wherever you are! (And in typical May long style, there's snow/rain in my future today! Glad I didn't go camping!)

H =)


Amber said...

My butt always gets SO sore after bike riding! That sounds like a nice, scenic route that you went on though.

We went to see Angels and Demons yesterday too, I liked it, but as usual the book was WAY better!!

It wasn't a very nice long weekend weather-wise here either, but I'm still sad it's over!!

Emmett said...

Nice blog.

Herbalife Las Vegas said...

I like your blog. Well done. I enjoy running also.

Fatinah said...

I actually couldn't finish reading the book and was wondering if the movie would be as gory... guess now I know to wait for rental when I can "watch" from the kitchen! ;-)