Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Why am I surprised?

By my landlord's continued stupidity? I shouldn't be!

So my fridge quit sometime between Sunday night and Monday evening. I thought it was just a light bulb, but replacing that didn't work. So I do all this troubleshooting (which I think most people wouldn't even do), tried to call landlord and receive the following message: "The customer you are trying to reach is unavailable. Please try again later." So I send an email, outlining what's happened and what I've done.

Long story short, she arranges to have some dude, Laslo, come at 6 last night. He didn't show! I tried to call (like we had agreed I would do when Laslo was done) and SHE WASN'T THERE! So I leave a message and then send her the following email:

"Hello XXX,

It is currently 1826h MST. I have just phoned you at 604-XXX-XXXX [she's in BC, I'm in AB] and left a message informing you that Laslo has not yet arrived and that I am calling an appliance repair service to assess the refrigerator.

This is the second time one of your agents has not been on time. I lost 2 hours of work time today between waiting for your call this morning and leaving early to ensure I was here by 1800h. I also canceled evening plans.

Please provide me with a mailing address so that I may forward the bill to you."

So far, she tried to call me at 8:20 last night (I was out listening to my friend play at a local tea house) but didn't leave a message. She also hasn't responded to my email.

Oh yeah, Laslo eventually showed at 6:55. Apparently she didn't tell him WHICH house (she apparently has more than one) to go to. Sorry, I've already called a professional repairman who will be here between 10 & 12 this morning and I'm on my way out the door. Funny, the first thing my guy asked was where I lived....maybe that's because he's a PROFESSIONAL!

Rant over.
Happy Wednesday!