Thursday, July 10, 2008

Easy come, easy go

That's what it's like with holidays. Here one minute and almost gone the next. Egad! Where has my week gone?

July 4--D arrives from T-O and Mom & nephew and I meet up in Eau Claire for yummy dinner

July 5--D, Mom, Nephew, S & I all head to Heart Creek for a little mountain stroll, followed by picnic in Canmore. Picked up race package and start to freak out just a teensy bit. Why is it that a half marathon sounds like such a great idea...until the day before?

July 6--Up at 5 and out of the house by 6 to pick up C en route to start line. C and I have to stop at the Macs on Crack corner (anyone in Calgary knows exactly where that is) for Advil. Race starts and D, C and I are all in line for a port-o-pottie. New race strategy: wait for 8 minutes after the gun to start--there's no fighting with a crowd of 2000 people to claim your bit of road. D & I set off at a fabulous, quick pace but soon realized I could not maintain it for 21.1K. I did however, introduce her to the fine art of 10 & 1's (or as I do, run 1K, walk 1 min). Recovery is such sweet relief. D is the BEST pace bunny ever and we finished in my fastest time EVER: 2:38:56, a FULL 2 minutes better than Fun-couver in May. Went to cousins, S & L, for weenie roast and Stampede fireworks that night. Mmmm...s'mores.

July 7--Massage. Need I say more?

July 8--Space & Science centre and Calgary Tower with mom and nephew

July 9--Haircut (well, just a colour touch up), lunch (Thai) with Cath, then meeting with J re: yoga retreat. Couldv'e been better, could've been worse, but in the end, no retreat. Dinner with neighbour (sushi is so yummy!).

July 10--slept in, read trashy novel in bed with Kitty till noon, now enjoying chai and cottage cheese pancakes (1/3 c cottage cheese, 1 egg, 3 TB flour, 1 tsp baking powder) with jam. I'm going to my yarn store to finish off the baby blanket I made so that I don't feel guilty working on a new project!

And that, my friends, sums up the last week. Carpe diem!