Wednesday, May 16, 2012


I've made the list 100 times.

I know all the reasons why it's important for me to lose the 20 pounds I've re-gained.

But you know what my biggest motivator is right now?
Nope, it's got nothing to do with me being single.

Or healthier.

Or my ability to run faster.

Give up?

I'll tell you: I want to get my hips ass up over my head and kick up easily into handstand!

Whatever the reason that's motivating me, I don't care. It's keeping me focused. Focused on what fuels my body. Focused on my practice. Focused on my core: my physical, mental and spiritual core.

And now, my mat beckons. It's been laid out in my living room all month (thanks to Amy's 30-day challenge). I don't roll it up every day, because then it's easy to just not practice.

But like my autographed copy of my teacher, Darren's, book, Yoga Resource, it reminds me: Please practice! Please practice!

So I practice. I practice L-stand at the wall. I practice rooting from the base of my heart, down my arms and into my hands that are pressed firmly into the earth. I practice kicking up (betchya my downstairs neighbour loves that! Bet they want me to lose those 20 pounds, too =D ). I practice floating. Practice is the operative word here.

And with practice, I strengthen my physical core. My mental core strengthens. And most importantly, I strengthen my spiritual core.

Please practice! Please practice!


Fatinah said...

when you are able to do it you will have to post a video for us to see!