Sunday, April 22, 2012

2012-004-21 Part Deux

Sorry, there is no photographic evidence of the amazing spring skiing.

I hooked up with my buddy, Dan, as soon as I got off the gondola. We did an easy blue run off Angel and then went down to Divide (the sun was shining and that's just what you do)! There was no new snow, so the groomers had been out in full force. The World Cup downhill was great (and fast!) and Gold Ecstasy was not hard and scrape-y for once.

Went back to the village--Dan brought his fat powder skis for me to try out. They're longer and heavier than anything I've ever skied on, but we did a few runs on them just so I could get a feel for them.

Back on my own skis, we mosied over to Wawa for some fun. Birdcage bump practice and then it was time for lunch.

After a yummy bowl of beef pho, we headed back to Wawa to try some harder stuff. Paris basin and Waterfall were a piece of cake (and the snow had softened up during lunch so conditions were PERFECT) so we went to Goat's Eye.

We did the top of Cleavage and then the chutes of Ewe First and Mother In Law.  This was my do one thing a day that scares you--I had to go in for a rest and a chocolate milk after this one! We went back up and did Upper Afterburner, cut across to Freefall (holy shit, moguls as tall as me and they didn't look that big from the chair lift!) then across to Gladerunner (which was the icy mogul'd run Jim and I wound up on last week, but was groomed and lovely yesterday!). It was definitely one of the best runs of the day ('cept the bumps, I did OK on 'em, but they're not my favourite). My legs were screaming at me, so our next run was the easiest of all Goat's Eye runs, Sunshine Coast. It's also my favourite =)

We swooshed down without stopping, then headed up to the village in the Gondola. Back up Angel, down Boundry Bowl (I kicked it's ass!) and over to Divide again. Bye Bye Bowl wasn't nearly as nice as it was last Sunday, but my legs decreed that they'd had enough by the time we got back down to the village. Grabbed our stuff and down to the base in the Gondola. Dan took my poles to whack off an inch or so. Had an apres ski drink in the lounge and hopped on the bus home.

The best part of the day? There was hardly anybody else there! Not a lift line in sight and had many runs to ourselves. You can't beat sunshine, great snow (the base is still ~250 cm), no people, live music and great company! Can't wait till next weekend!

I've skied 24 days at Sunshine, 2 in Whitefish and 1 at Lake Louise. With my season's pass, each of my days at Sunshine has cost $33 instead of $83. If I ski three days next weekend, I bring that down to $29.62/day. I'm getting next year's pass before the end of May, so if I ski the same number of days next year (27) it'll cost me $25/day. Can't beat that!

Now, I'm going to go for a walk and loosen up the muscles in my legs and then I've got to get to work. For once, I've got an early shift on a Sunday!