Wednesday, March 2, 2011


Seriously? I've made almost 600 posts? Huh.

I've been a skiing fool of late. Not that I'm complaining. My quads, on the other hand...

Yesterday was AMAZING. Literally the best day of the season. Although it didn't start out that way.
a) Effing cold outside.
b) Transit bus late.
c) City streets icy mess.
d) Fire trucks blocking major intersection my bus needs to cross.
e) Ski bus departs hotel as I approach lights to cross street.
f) Expletives *may* have been uttered at this point.
g) Almost have to heave man out of cab (who takes that long to pay?).
h) Cabbie does not understand urgency of situation. "Dude, you have 20 minutes to get me across the city before that bus leaves AGAIN. Faster!"
i) I got there (barely)!

Spent the day skiing with the only other person on the bus (till Canmore, anyway). We had an amazing day and I found even more runs that I like!

Today started out better than yesterday, but the visibility sucked. It snowed most of the day and when the sun did come out, there was a wicked wind with it. And like I said, my quads are tired! But I had a good day (any day sans wipeout is a good day in my books) and some good runs in.

And now I must sleep!


Julie said...

Happy Birthday!!!!
Hope you have a great day :)